host ben on the left and myself with the glasses on the right

My flatmate Ben Grogan is doing a Masters in Mass Communications, which means that he has been at university for a long time.  It also means that for the last few years he has been hosting a student radio show.  With us realising that we has similar interests, I jumped on a new show with him entitled This Is Outrageous (a peep show reference).  So, on Mondays 1 till 3pm we take over Newcastle Student radio to mostly talk absolute nonsense, with some music in between. The aim of the show is to try and be as different as possible, whilst also mimicking some of our favourite podcasts along the way.  For example this week we interviewed DJ G (George Oxley) who is a young Bassline deejay from Sheffield who is opening up his own club (links below). We also discussed the OJ Simpson case, picked and reviewed some films I had seen this week, and tried to play music people may have not heard yet.  It is a total working progress, but we are having fun with it, so if you need a companion in your life on Monday afternoons you know where to go (again links below).

Listen here: http://nsrlive.co.uk/ (only works on certain browsers, chrome to be sure!)

DJ G soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/djgoxley

His new Bassline club: https://www.facebook.com/011Four/?fref=ts


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