And then realising you hate all of them would be an apt continuation of the title for this piece.  Though considering I haven’t read every word of every paper ever written, I’m probably not qualified to say that I dislike them all.  But I do dislike the Sunday Express. I’m not entirely sure what possessed me to buy the 25th of September 2016 edition, other than I needed a crime article for one of my lectures.  Thankfully, there was an article on the the front page that I could skim through, so I took it over to the counter.  Can’t even tell you how much it was.

Arriving home, I read the story I needed to, then decided to have a gander at the rest of the paper.  It wasn’t an enjoyable experience.  The inside page spread was a large piece on the recent labour leader election.  Now I’m a Jeremy Corbyn fan, so I’m slightly blinded, but they were talking about him like he was a prolific murderer.  They couldn’t believe he’d won a majority again and are preparing for another downfall.  Now this whole thing about how the media creates a false persona of Corbyn is described well by the fake news reporter guy whose videos make the rounds of Facebook.  Watch that if you come across it, rather than me discuss it, because I really don’t care enough.  All I have to say is that it amazes me this two page article got past the editor.

The rest of the paper consisted of some generic news stuff, that was fine to read, and some awful tabloid stuff.  It also included a full sport pullout, where every page was populated by football apart from one that was actually quite an interesting look at the upcoming Ryder Cup and it’s relation to Brexit.  That was the highlight.  The trouble I have is that I don’t who the demographic for this paper is?  It’s certainly not me and I’m baffled that it’s still in publish.  I’d be interested to meet the kind of people that read this stuff.


Sidenote: This is all exaggerated and I can’t work out the point of it.  It’s just I’ve had a distaste for the newspaper business and it’s been clogging my mind.


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