I love Jamie T.  Having stumbled across him a couple of years ago, I became obsessed with his music before I saw him at Leeds festival in 2015.  Even then, I kind of missed his third album release ‘Carry on the Grudge’.  So his newest album ‘Trick’, that has just come out, is my first of his that I’ve witnessed as a concept.  By that I mean listening to the LP in whole, as a piece of art itself, rather than individual tunes.  And it has completely and utterly broken me.  I have been crumbled by it’s brilliance.

Through listening to it in order, I have found that the album has no real progression, or a threading story throughout.  However I have only listened to it in full once, so this is very much a first impression.  Despite this, there is certainly a load of variety on ‘Trick’, including a mix of classic Jamie T and his more recent melancholic tones.  There is also a fair amount of poppy sounds on this record; ‘Dragon Bones’ for example is very much a Jamie T song, but has this really catchy vibe.  What astounds me is that he can have this, but then he can also throw a song like ‘Drone Strike’ at you, which is essentially a filthy grime track.  I guess it’s both experimental and contemporary at the same time.

The reason I have fallen for this album though is because of the feeling it gives me.  Pure joy. My first listen was laid in bed with my earphones in and it kept me awake for hours.  A grin on my face was constant and it filled me up with nostalgia of his Leeds set, as well as my first discovery of him back when I was 16.  If you are fan already, you will adore this album like me, and if you’ve never heard of Jamie T, you’ll be surprised by a lovely, yet interesting piece of work.


Sidenote:  I write more at the bottom of these things than I do in the body, therefore I’m going to start calling them ‘sidenotes’.  Anyway, writing about music is about as pretentious as it comes, thus I apologise, but Jamie T – ‘Trick’ is really really good.


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