Original piece: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/08/17/this-picture-of-a-wounded-syrian-boy-captures-just-a-fragment-of/

Above is a picture that I became familiar with the night before A-Level results day.  This was a big day for me, because I needed to get certain grades to get into university.  Except seeing this picture and seeing the story behind it, made me put things into perspective. I’m well aware of how lucky I am to be born into the western world but I’ve always liked the notion that you put your problems into perspective.  The stresses of the western life should not be compared with those in the East who are in turmoil.  Though that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be thought of, or create worry. Since the major Israel/Palestine conflict, and the vote to bomb Syria, I have become slight numb to the issues in the Middle East right now.  Or I’ve become fed up of being a minority in my sadness.  I don’t particularly want to get into the story or begin a geopolitical debate with myself, so I’ll just leave this unfinished.  However leaving it on a note that my results are important to me but that this story shattered me gives me no peace of mind.  Though I guess that’s the point.


In all honesty I had real trouble writing this, and it possibly took me about 4 hours to write just that small paragraph.  I realise how vague it all is, and the stress of results day and sorting out university has actually got to me, which I guess is ironic looking back at this. The main goal was to write a full thing on this, though I think laziness and a rise of other controversial pieces coming from the ‘boy in the ambulance story’ has halted me.  This is all very much like talking to myself very slowly.


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